Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rock Glacier Trail

Rock Glacier trailhead is on the Haines Highway beside Dezadeash Lake. It's a nice day for a hike, so grab your hiking stick and some water.
A view of Rock Glacier from the parking lot.
Part of the trail is on boardwalk....the glacier is melting you know, so the ground is wet.
The trail was well-constructed for us old people by the Canadian Conservation Corps.
Told you it was melting.
Glacial ice water.
Here's where we start to climb, but the CCC has built stairs with railings.
Birdie climbing the stairs...you can see the lake in the distance.
Strategically placed rock steps mark the trail from here.
Looking up.

Lichens growing on rocks.

Looking down.
Can you see the rock waves?
Nicely laid trail through the rocks.

Lake Dezadeash

We looked for the cute little Pika, but he was not out.

We decided we didn't have several hours to do that. This is the view from the top of the marked trail.
Looking the other way.
A place to rest and shelter from the wind have been built here.
Some of the stuff that grows up here.
And we made our way back down the way we came.

This little chipmunk greeted us at the bottom.
The next day we planned a more challenging hike to the King's Dome at Kathleen Lake where we were camped. Stay tuned to see if we made it.

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