Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Million Dollar Falls

Our next stop on the Haines highway was Million Dollar Falls. This is one I had researched and planned before I left Florida.
The "hike" into the gorge to view the falls was a little disappointing...short!
 Million Dollar Falls on a cloudy day.

 More of the boardwalk above the falls.
 Birdie waving from an overlook above the falls.
 Climbing back out of the gorge.
 Kitchen shelter at the campground....nice feature.
 There was another trail at the campground....around Channel Pond.
 If I hadn't read about it ahead of time, we never would have known it was here. It is little used and not been maintained.
 Round Robin.
 Due to trail conditions, we were only able to walk down one side of the pond.

 Bunches of hair...moose?
Birdie holding some of the animal hair.

The clouds cleared away, so we walked back down to the falls to get a pic in the sunlight....only the sunlight didn't reach down into the gorge, lol.
 But the sun made a pretty cross on the side of the gorge.
And in the campground, a double rainbow. I guess Suite Pea and Herbie are the Pot o' Gold.

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  1. Great pictures. Glad you didn't run into the moose that lost the hair.