Monday, September 10, 2012

Jasper National Park

We didn't really stop in the town of Jasper, except for the elk in the road.
As we drive south through the park, we are awed by the surrounding mountains. It's nice that they label them with signs.
Our first lengthy stop was at Athabasca Falls. Boardwalks criss cross the falls and gorge they created.
Gorge formed by the moving water.
 Below the falls
 Rainbow at the top of the falls
 Following a trail along the river above the falls
 Walking through a gorge that water once flowed through.
 The old channel leads to an area below the falls.
 Interesting curves
The river below the falls
 Where the water exits the gorge. The cliffs were colorful.
 Mist from the waterfall can be seen as you look up the gorge.

Back on the road for more views of snow-capped mountains.
 Winding aqua-blue rivers,
 Suite Pea and Sport
 Stopped at the Columbia Icefields Center. You can see the glacier across the road.
Some people take tours in these special ice-traveling vehicles to stand on the glacier. We didn't do that.
 Icefield Center
 View behind the Icefield Center
 Another glacier covered mountain
With mountain climbers....we didn't do that either.
Back on the highway....that is not a caribou at the caribou crossing. Please tell those silly tourists that grizzly bears are dangerous.
 More scenery
A cascade of water

 Aspens are pretty this time of year.
 Bow Lake
 Another view of Bow Lake with its glacier...Bow Glacier, I think.
Next post will include Lake Louise and Banff National Park.


  1. British Columbia is beautiful! Loved the gorges and lakes.

  2. Wow, that's beautiful territory! Two days' drive north of me.