Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lake Louise and Banff

There was frost on the canoes when we arrived at Lake Louise.
But it warmed up quickly as the sun rose higher.
Victoria Glacier at Lake Louise
Chateau Lake Louise
Since we missed out on High Tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton, we decided to partake of brunch here.
Their flowers were beautiful.
And brunch wasn't bad either.
Another scenic pull-off
Colorful wetlands
This Magpie was hoping for a handout.
Belted work looking for food.
Looking for Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep...
But instead we find these other mountain climbers.
Endless Chain....this mountain range seems to go on forever.
We pass Vermillion Lakes as we enter the town of Banff.
In Banff, we took the gondola to the top of the mountain.
Birdie, who says she is afraid of heights was feeling very brave.
At the top there is a hiking trail....boardwalk and stairs to the summit.
Want to come?
It was a great day for views....this is Banff Lake in the distance.
Many Clarks Nutcrackers were busy getting seeds from the cones.
Chubby chipmunks live up here too.
The chipmunks better be wary...this hawk is hunting for them.
Birdie is still smiling.
A view up the valley.
The town of Banff
We can see rafters on the Bow River.
Bow River Falls
This guy is on top of the world,
And so are we.
Historical weather station
Weather Observatory
A peek inside
Birdie waves from below.
The Weather Observatory has been here a long time.
Getting back down was a little tricky.
Enjoying the views.
On the ride back down the mountain.
On the way back to our campground we stopped at Johnston Canyon for a hike and checked out their campground. It was nicer than the one we were staying in....would stay here next time through.
The hike is through the canyon on boardwalks perched on the canyon walls. Oh the places I drag Birdie to.
Pothole made by the water.
Imagine....this canyon has been developing for 8,000 years...and is still being eroded.
Following the river
One of several waterfalls.

Having fun!

The lower falls....we did not hike to the upper falls.
Do you see the picture of people climbing the frozen falls.Something to think about if you come here in winter.
There is a cave on the other side of the falls.
You can go through stand closer to the waterfall.

And get wet from the spray.
I'm assuming people who hike up here come to enjoy the beauty as we do. Why oh why then do they throw trash here. The trash is at the bottom of the canyon where it cannot be easily cleaned up.
More views of the canyon.
Trees fall from the top due to erosion around their roots.
Perhaps this will be the next tree to fall.
Birdie peeking over a natural Hoodoo.
What a ham!
Next post...Kootenay National Park


  1. Love this part of the trip. Wish I could have been there, except for the gondola ride.

  2. The volume of water in September is amazing. Thanks Liz for being so committed to sharing your trip with us homebodies! What a ride!