Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We had beautiful weather and beautiful views driving the remainder of the highway into Haines.
 We stopped for one more hike here.
 Views from the trail.
 Lots of Arctic Ground squirrels.

Birdie spotted a group of Willow Ptarmigan. Check her blog for more great pictures she took.
 We camped at Oceanside RV park. This was our view.
 We drove out to Chilcoot Lake to look for bears feeding on salmon. Can you see one?
 This one had a tag and radio collar.
We drove through the State Park campground and spotted this Stellar Jay.
 A sign said "No tent camping due to bear activity"...well, he doesn't have a tent, so I guess it's ok.
 A fun way to travel.
 Along the river, bear bait.

 Most people seemed to be illiterate. This man is cleaning salmon in the middle of the river. Watch for him later.
 Grizzly looking for salmon.
Do you see the fisherman cleaning his salmon? Not to mention the spectators on the road with the bear coming their way.
 The bears are especially looking for salmon eggs.
 Found some.
The bear is coming up the bank. This shot from the car through the spectator's legs. He's still standing there.  The bear ran up the bank and across the road into the woods.
 Eagles were catching salmon too.
 We also saw some Red-necked grebes in the river.
 Lots of totems around town.
 Moon over Haines, day 1.
 Day 2 we visited the Bald Eagle Foundation.
 And watched the master totem carver at work.
 His tools
Totem carving
Inside we got to see some rescued birds-of-prey undergoing rehabilitation: Great Horned Owl
 This bald eagle's broken wing did not heal properly. He will not be able to return to the wild. So he earns his keep in educational presentations.
 We got there at feeding time....lucky us.

 I have a very short wingspan.
We toured Dalton City, which was also the movie set for White Fang.
Surf Scoters
 Isn't he pretty?
 Then we drove out to the Bald Eagle Preserve.
Where thousands of eagles spend the winter. They're not here yet.
 Bald eagle preserve
But high in the mountains, the Mountain Goats are here.
 Out near the ferry we watched a set netter setting his net.
 We wanted to watch him pull it back in full of fish, but he was taking too long.
 A amall cruise ship has pulled into Haines. The big ones don't come here.
 Cruise ships at night in the harbor.
Out of time here at Walmart in British Columbia. Next time I'll post about our ferry trip from Haines to Prince Rupert. I'll leave you with yet another moon rise over Haines.

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