Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A hike to the King's Throne

So here we go...starting out from our campsites, we take the trail through an aspen forest down to Kathleen Lake and the trailhead to King's Throne. We can see our mountain destination through the trees.
 From the trailhead we can now see the King's Throne....do you see it too? We'll climb to the seat of the throne....if we can.
 We go through some muddy places, then we start to climb through the forest...with roots to watch out for. No Birdie, I don't think this is the steep part that ranger talked about.
 A fork in the trail...we go left,
 After a brief rest.
 Taking a photo of the view is a good excuse for stopping to breathe.
 Kathleen Lake peeking through the trees.
 We're almost above the tree line.
 Looking up.
 I think we're coming to the steep part now.
This is a picture of the side of a mountain where it meets Kathleen Lake....very steep sides, and a very deep lake.
 Looking down at the day-use area. The campground is on the right.
 Working our way up the switchbacks.
 The rocks slide and so do we.
 Just breathing here.
 Ok, we're definitely on the steep part now.
 Looking down across the rock scree.
This is just getting too tricky even for me....I made an executive decision to turn around before one of us falls and breaks something.
We are almost to the seat, but I don't think the view will be any more glorious than it is from here.
 Birdie waiting for me to get back down to her.
 It's even trickier going down the slippery slope.
Back to the muddy part and the only fall of the day. She's still complaining about her cracked rib...good thing it didn't happen on the mountain.
So that's our story and we're sticking to it.

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