Thursday, July 19, 2012

Russian River Falls

July 15-16, 2012
Birdie and I camped two nights in a campground beside the Kenai River in Cooper Landing before taking Jennifer and Ashley to the airport in Anchorage. Nan and Tina moved on to Kelly Lake. More about Kelly Lake in another post. From our campground we watched fishermen float by and other fishers in the trees. Note the eagle in the bare tree.
Fish on!
In the other direction we watched this mountain...
 For Mountain Goats.
Scoters in the Kenai River.
 Jennifer, Ashley, and I hiked to the Russian River Falls trail to see the salmon.
Bright yellow fungi along the trail.
 Ashley looking down at the falls.
 Salmon swarming at the bottom of the falls.

 Russian River Falls
 Salmon attempting to leap up the falls to get to its spawning ground.
Click on the video to see and hear the falls. If you watch carefully, about half way (6 seconds), you will see a salmon leap. (Sorry, video upload will have to wait for a better connection.)

Ashley and Jennifer on their last full day in Alaska.

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