Sunday, July 8, 2012

Parks Highway, Nenana to Denali

South of Nenana on the Parks highway, we stopped for a night at Tatlanika Trading Co. Campground.
 They had large vegetable gardens and beehives on their grounds.
 Snowshoe hare
 The campground is just north of this bridge over the Nenana River. We found a geocache on the other side of the bridge.
 Going for a walk on the river.
 The next day we drove out Stampede Road to the end of the road at Eight Mile Lake. This is where the young man, subject of the book and movie, went "Into the Wild," and succumbed to the elements.
 Some of us attempted to walk down to the lake over wet and spongy ground.
 We gave up shortly.
 There's a cabin on the other side. We decided not to boondock out here and proceeded on to Otto Lake campground.
 Kayaking was a temptation here, but since we were only staying one night, we didn't get them out.
 Otto Lake
 Colorful fungus.
 We had a beautiful mountain view from our campsites on the hill. Jennifer cooked veggies over the fire, and we all cooked hot dogs on a stick.
 Ashley making friends with Spring and Bear.
 Our mountain view from Otto Lake.

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  1. Veggies on the grill and hot dogs on a stick. Great dinner. That mountain view is fantastic.