Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deep Creek

South of Ninilchik is the Deep Creek State Recreation Area. The campground is on the beach at the mouth of Deep Creek. You can see a lighthouse on the bluff behind the campground.
Even though it was cloudy, we still had a fine view of Cook Inlet from our sites overlooking the water.
 We could just make out some of the mountains across Cook Inlet.
There are a lot of eagles here. You can see 2 adults and 2 juveniles here fishing in Deep Creek. The one on the left was wading up to its chest.
 Suddenly it made a big splash!
 I'm guessing he missed his mark as he stalked out of the water rather disgustedly.
 Drying his wings.
 There were 2 more juveniles perched on the ledges below the lighthouse. They like it here because the beach is scattered with salmon and halibut carcasses thrown out by the fishing charters. Once they filet the fish, the rest is discarded.
 And becomes a salmon feast for the birds.
 These 2 gulls were having a discussion about whose salmon that was. It was interesting to watch the one who had it first (on the left) gave it up to the other. A pecking order I presume.
 These birds were new to me....Black Turnstones
 Black Turnstone
 Greater Yellowlegs in flight.
 Just the surf crashing over the rocks.
 These tractors with large tires are used to launch and pull boats out of the water.
 They back them all the way into the water.
 The boats drive up on them, are latched and away they go. Sometimes several  are being launched or pulled in at once....they are very fast.
Across from the beach on the other side of the campground is an estuary with lots of wading birds. 
Another view out my front window.
 Seal Gull
 A common loon.
 The harbor seal played with the gulls for quite a while.
A fun place with a lot of activity to watch, or just to relax in a place with a view.

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  1. Looks like you have found another great campground.