Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alaska Sea Life Center

July 15, 2012
Forum friend Sharon (Sprinter) came to Seward to spend a couple days with us. We all went to the Alaska Sea Life Center. Sprinter and Birdie stand under the traditional Mile 0 of the Iditarod Race outside the Sea Life Center.
Another mural on a building across the street. Artists painted murals all around town...all in one day.
Inside the Sea Life Center we saw....Starfish and Prawns
Crested Sculpins 
Rescued animals undergoing rehab.  
King Eiders
Tufted Puffins...this one is carrying nesting materials. 
Nesting Sea Gulls 
Horned Puffins have such expressive eyes. 
Starfish eating a crab leg.
Graceful swimming seals.
Swimming puffins were graceful too, but much too fast to photograph. 
The rest of the afternoon was spent at the laundromat with a bus load of teenagers from summer camp....another kind of zoo.

Monday morning, the day we had to leave Seward, the sun came out!
Lupines growing along the Seward Highway.
Jennifer and Ashley in the Lupines. We were heading back toward Anchorage because they had only one more day of vacation before having to fly home. 
But we made the most of the last day. Next up, a hike to Russian River Falls and wild salmon viewing!


  1. That last photo is such a great family keepsake. Enjoyed all the rest too.

  2. That last picture is so beautiful, Liz.