Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kelly Lake

Tina and Nan had already been enjoying the scenic views from their lakeside sites for two days.
It was a tough decision, but they graciously agreed to stay two more for our sakes. This lake has the best amenities for me....hiking trail and kayak launch.
There's another similar lake in walking distance...Peterson Lake.
Where eagles are seen, and soar above both lakes.
Tina, Birdie, and I hiked the lakeside trail with Herschel and Stuart. Well, Stuart preferred swimming.
Other kayakers came and went while we were there.
Calm lake, beautiful mountain vistas, the sound of loons...or silence, who can blame them?
Partway around the lake is a Public Use Cabin, which is likely free as is the campground, but you must register for it with the Forest Service.
Part of the trail is along a boardwalk.
This Public Use Boat goes with the cabin. You hike out, take the boat back to load up your supplies, and row back to the cabin. You can stay here for a week.  I could do that.
There is an active beaver lodge along the trail. The beavers were out and about collecting small branches.

She's taking that branch back to the lodge, seen on the bank at right.
View from Nan's campsite which we used as a community site for campfires and sitting to watch the lake.
One of the loons. There were two with a baby.
In the morning, the lake was smooth as glass.
Making mirror reflections of the mountains.
A perfect time to kayak leisurely around the lake.
Tina spots the merganser family.
Just drifting need to hurry.
Paddling is optional.
Mother merganser was resting on a small log with her babies.
She did not seem disturbed as we drifted quietly by.
Some interesting flora growing on the bank.
A look back at our campground.
Nan looking around with binoculars.
Water lily.
Tina doing the tough stuff...paddling.

A view of the cabin from the lake. Not bad at all.

Birdie exploring the grassy area.
It was tough, but everyone survived the extra day. We'll be keeping our eye out for similar lakes along our route. The weather didn't last, and we are back to cold, cloudy, and rainy as we slowly make our way down the Kenai Peninsula.


  1. Yes, it was all that wonderful......

  2. Looks like the perfect day and the perfect way to spend the day!

  3. Looks fantastic. Could tell it actually warmed up--even Birdie was sleeveless.