Saturday, July 21, 2012


July 17, 2012

We used Birdie's car to take Jennifer and Ashley back to the airport in Anchorage, leaving our RVs beside the Kenai River.
It was a beautiful day...too bad they had to leave. This is Tern Lake.
 It was clear along Turnagain Arm too, and we could see Mt. McKinley in the distance.
Dall sheep were on the cliffs along Turnagain Arm.
 Jennifer and Ashley didn't have to be at the airport until 9:30 p.m., so we toured a little. This is the entrance to Earthquake Park.
 Where we learned about the devastating earthquake that hit here in 1964.
 Much of the bluff along with many homes tumbled into the sea here.
 The edge of the current bluff.
 The view of Knik Arm from here.
 Next we went to Lake Hood Seaplane Base.
Two small lakes connected by a canal provide landing and take-off for seaplanes.
We watched many landings.

 And take-offs,
 This vintage WWII plane is outside the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. Some of us may go back there to tour the museum later.
 Another landing,
 This is the canal that serves as a runway for seaplanes.

 One more landing and we moved on to...
Kincaid Park, where we got another look at Knik Arm. We also took a hike which turned out to be longer than planned. There was a moose sighting along the trail, but all we saw when we got there were moving treetops where the moose was browsing.
 After we left Jennifer and Ashley checked in at the airport, Birdie and I stopped at Potter's Marsh along Turnagain Arm for some birding.
 Arctic Tern
 I forget what Birdie thought this was...they all begin to look alike to me.
 Canada Geese
 Just some pretty reflections.

 Maybe these are Greater Yellowlegs, Lesser Yellowlegs, and a Short-billed Dowitcher, but I could be wrong about any of them.
 Dowitcher reflection
 It was high-tide as we returned along Turnagain Arm...we had missed the Bore Tide.
 It looked picturesque, but I doubt if I would try kayaking in the volatile waters of Turnagain Arm.
 Sunset, sort of.
 Evening sun on the mountains.
On Wednesday we joined the others for an idyllic couple of days at Kelly Lake. But, that's another post.


  1. You really did have a beautiful afternoon of birding. Ashley would of loved to learn more birds!

  2. The photos are great. So glad your daughter and granddaughter got to enjoy part of this fabulous trip with you.