Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waterton Lakes

We all made it through Customs without any searches. I went through first and told them we were all together except the redhead with the travel-trailer. But I guess she sweet-talked them, 'cause they let her through too.
Our sites at Waterton were on the lakeshore...pretty the day we arrived. Cold and windy the next day.
Colombian ground squirrels live throughout the campground. It's probably why the Red Fox frequents the campground too.
Herschel and Stuart enjoyed a quick swim in the cold clear water. Remi stayed as far away as his leash would let him.
Bear and Spring were busy checking out all the Ground Squirrel holes.
If you read Mitch's blog you already know the story of why Tina has to have a sippy cup in restaurants. If you haven't seen it, a link is posted on the right. The Bison Burgers we had for lunch were good, but then there was the ice cream stop afterwards.
We had already decided Tina wasn't ready for High Tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel, but as it turned out the hotel is not open for another week anyway, so their linens were safe.
I got a chance to ride my bike on the nice paved trail around the town. This is Cameron Falls.
While out riding I also checked out the details on the boat ride to Goat Haunt on the southern side of the lake. Goat Haunt is actually on the US side in Glacier National Park. There is a Customs Station there for those who are hiking. Three of us took the cruise on Tuesday. We saw bald eagles and mountain goats and learned a lot about the geology of the area.
There was a bear jam on the road to Cameron Lake. I think this is a black bear, which are sometimes brown in color.
There was still a lot of snow at Cameron Lake and the lake itself is still mostly frozen. 
Severe weather, rain and strong winds moved in Tuesday night, so on Wednesday we changed our planned route and decided not to go up through the Canadian Icefields. They are still expecting heavy rains/snow and flooding for several days. So we are camped at Walmart in Calgary and will continue on towards the Alcan Highway tomorrow. Cafe internet is slow, so not too many pictures.


  1. Love the pictures. Sorry you are missing Banff and Lake Louise this time around.