Sunday, June 3, 2012

Glacier National Park, Part 2

We saw a little of it all at Glacier National Park. There were hikes,
And cold wind making whitecaps on the lake.
There was rain and mist.
Creating eerie vistas.
There was a full moon and bright stars.

No lions or tigers, but BEARS! Oh my! You were waiting for the bears, I know. 
Tina spotted this black bear in the woods along the road to Many Glacier. 
There were scenic views in all directions. 
And on those mountain slopes were Mountain Goats.

 They were a little hard to spot without binoculars and zoom lenses. Do you see one in the middle of this photo?
 Here he is.
But the best find of the day was this grizzly. Everybody will have him on their blogs. We had a great view as he walked along the lakeshore. 
 He had caught a fish.
Check out those claws! 
Watch out Abby! (Abby is Mitch's little white dog that she threatens to feed to the bears....she doesn't mean it, I don't think.)

 Sorry, couldn't stop taking pictures.

There he goes. 
How about a video?

There was other wildlife too. We think this is a Common Goldeneye, but Birdie isn't sure.
It was sunny on Sunday, so we tried again for some of those scenic shots. This is Wild Goose Island in the sun.
And from the other side. 
Birdie and I climbed to the top of Sun Point for this view. 
Birdie is looking at Goat Mountain. She's looking for Mountain Goats.
Sometimes the white dots turn out to be rocks,
 But sometimes they are goats.
 This one has a baby.
Birdie's trying to stay out of the wind and brace her camera for a good shot. 
There's a cold mist coming. 
 Time to head down off the rock.
And get out of the wind. 
From the parking lot we can still see the goats now that we know where to look. 
Lower on the mountain we saw another bunch of white dots. These turned out to be Big Horn Sheep.

We ended our day with the first campfire of the trip. This will be my last post from the lower 48. Tomorrow we will cross the border into Canada, and while there we'll have to rely on free Wifi to post. See you there!


  1. Psst...I think that Grizzly could use a nail file...oops was that Mitch asking "would you all yell at her for walking down there " ???? just curious cause I hope and pray she'd be wearing track racers..cause it's Get Out of Town Quickly...praying for all of you !!!! God Bless love these pictures and video...Zeee and Critters 3

  2. Great photos Liz. You have some prize winners I'm sure. It's good to know that you have a good telescopic lens so you weren't that close to the grizzly or the black bear.

  3. This is probably a dumb question but do you all need passports to get into Canada? I'm thinking they have changed the rules back and forth several times about this. Thanks