Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beaverlodge, Alberta, CA

Happy barn in eastern Alberta...looked a lot like Kansas.
We were excited to see "signs" of moose.
Stopped for the night in the town of Beaverlodge...their sign could use some refurbishing.
Tina and I decided to take the town tour. We thought we'd check at the Visitor Center first. Good thing, 'cause at the VC no one knew who put up those "Town Tour" signs, but they are "working on" a new tour....coming someday.
We passed the fire station on the way to the VC. 
This mural of early pioneers was on the side of a building.
Beaverlodge's most famous citizen was Euphemia McNaught, an artist who encouraged the development of the arts in the community and started the Cultural Center housed at the Visitor Center today.
THis was Euphemia's very colorful palette. Her artwork is displayed too.
This is one of her original paintings...a scene we recognized from one of the town murals. 
The giant beaver welcomes visitors outside the Visitor Center. 
Here is the mural based on Euphemia's painting.  
Our sites in the town campground. 


  1. I was beginning to think you all had driven off the edge of the earth.Be careful it's out there somewhere.

  2. Good to hear you are all still together ! We are all waiting everyday to see what else you all are discovering...keep em' coming ! God Bless Zeee and Critters 3

  3. I was going into withdrawal. Y'all keep Mitch out of trouble.

  4. Another neat campground. You ladies sure know how to pick them. You always manage to find something really interesting about every place you stop.

  5. Isn't Euphemia the first name of Mrs. Doubtfire? Never heard the name any other timepplace lol