Sunday, June 10, 2012

Goat Haunt

Just a few pictures on a very slow internet connection. These are from the boat ride on Waterton Lake to Goat Haunt. This picture is of the townsite campground where we were camping.
This waterfall was created by snowmelt and will dry up once all the snow is gone.
Birdie figured out this is a Common Merganzer in breeding plumage.
The sides of this lake are steep cliffs, and the lake is very deep right up to the edge.
Even in the wilderness the Canada/US border is well marked.
None of us who took this boat ride can remember the name of this mountain formation.
We saw two bald eagles.
This is the dock at Goat Haunt. There is a Ranger station and Customs office here too. Do mountain goats hang out on the cliffs up there?
Yes, they do.
A view of the lake from Goat Haunt.
This picture was taken from the Prince of Wales Hotel. The hills were alive with the sound of music for Mitch. I was hoping she didn't go over the edge....she had the car keys in her pocket.


  1. How'd you spot those mountain goats?
    Very pretty landscape!

  2. Who's in charge of baby sitting Mitch?

    Really beautiful country!

  3. Just breath taking..You Sistahs are having one heck of a time ...Did I hear Mitch singing..hahaha..Sound of Music alright...don't drop the keys ! God Bless Zeee and Critters 3

  4. What a neat background for the campground. Loved all the pics but the eagle and mountain goats were especially neat.

  5. Alaska looks amazing. So glad I met you ladies at Glacier & I'm putting Alaska on my next trip! Be safe.