Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reed Point, Montana

Saturday, May 26, 2012
Welcome to Reed Point, Montana.
Barely a stop in the railroad line,
A tiny town alongside the Yellowstone River.
Known for sheep.
Sheep seem to know where the best grass in town is.

We should come back for the annual running of the sheep in September.
It was snowing when we got here,
And about a half-inch accumulated overnight.
Enough to make a snowman and a snowball to throw at Mitch. (Vickie told me to do it.) My aim was off.
Belle needed her sweater, but as forum friend, Sparkle, once said, "What about her nether parts?" We'll have to get Nan to sew her some leggings. But she's all ready with her "ice" ball to throw back at Vickie.
After the snowball fight, I walked around town to get some pictures before the snow melted.
You can tell it's an old western town, complete with wooden sidewalks.
Icicles hanging off the roof.
They may still need that woodpile awhile.
Looking down Division Street, which I guess is like Main Street.
Keeping with the sheep theme..."Reed Point Welcomes Ewe."
Sign on the old Hotel.
Hotel Montana
Front of the Hotel. 

The Livery is right next door. Drop your horse off there when staying at the Hotel. 
And right next door to that is the Waterhole Saloon.  Everything you need.
 The Waterhole is quiet Saturday morning, but it was open last night. Want to see inside?
Some of us ate there. (And others quenched their names)
A glance inside 
This friendly dog was the official greeter. 
Ceiling decor. 
The pizza was good. 
Continuing our walk...

Fire danger is low today. 
 Still snowing in the hills.
These geese are probably wondering what happened to Spring. 

 Walking toward the Yellowstone River.

Bridge over the river. 

The river is swift, probably from all the snowmelt. 
Spring interrupted... 
Reed Point
A friendly local couple we met last night gave us directions to some scenic areas nearby where scenes from the movie, "Horse Whisperer" were filmed. Hopefully the weather will dry out enough for us to go touring there in a day or two.


  1. I love that you take time to "see" it all - and then to relate it to us. Glorious photos.

  2. Very pretty with the dusting of snow!

  3. Great post Liz. You managed to get every little bit the town has to offer. Most people probably would not have noticed so many things but I really enjoyed it.

  4. Wow love the picts of snow... glad it is you and not me... now is that Mitch hiding behind the pizza?... is it cold enough to freeze your water? have wondered how you all handle this... keep posting Liz love to read every detail...

  5. Your pictures are awesome with lots of detail. How is Simba?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @Robin,

    I regret that I no longer have Simba. He was not adapting to the RVing lifestyle, and I made the decision to return him to the pet rescue for a more suitable adoption before I left for Alaska.