Monday, May 14, 2012

North to Alaska, Part 3, Marysville, Kansas

May 14, 2012
On Monday, we rolled across Missouri on Highway 36,
 And into Kansas. (Actually this pic is still MO....the road becomes 2-lane in KA. Oops!)

We stopped at this rest area to walk the dogs and take care of other necessities. Mitch and I lost Nan here.

 Nan was still taking care of necessities, and Mitch and I went about a mile down the road to stop at this Peter Toth sculpture in Troy. We thought Nan would be right along, but she missed the turn and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to catch up with us. We were too far apart for our 2-way radio contact.

We also spent the afternoon trying to catch up with her, and we were beginning to worry that she was still back at the rest area with a problem. But we all knew the campground destination in Marysville, and when we got there, Nan was already setting up. Nice City Park, free camping with electric. Water and dump station available too.
Marysville is known for its large population of black squirrels.
They have regular squirrels too.
 If we didn't have campers we could have stayed free in this sod house Bed and Breakfast. L to R, Mitch, me, Nan.
But we would have had to share this bed,
 And cook our own breakfast.
 Next to the sod house is the old schoolhouse.
 Hmmm, I used to have a desk like these.
 Mitch tried out the hand pump.
Nan and Mitch checking out the old locomotive.
This is the original circa 1859 Pony Express Home Station 1. It houses a museum which was closed when we walked by.

Note the brick streets in historic downtown Marysville.
Note to Mitch: A Mexican restaurant might not be the best choice in Kansas.
Sure glad I know which way to go in the event of snow.

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  1. Good thing you had a meet-up plan at the campground. Always a good idea when traveling in a group. All the pictures are great but that one reflected in the side mirror is really neat. You find the best places to visit wherever you go.