Wednesday, May 16, 2012

North to Alaska, Part 4, Still in Kansas

May 14-16
We stayed two nights free at Marysville City do laundry, and
give Tina time to catch up. Here she comes! She left Ohio Monday and met us in central Kansas on Tuesday afternoon.
 Traveling with Tina to Alaska are Herschel, Stuart, and Remi.
 Our reputation preceded us. The Mayor of Marysville heard about the wild women going to Alaska staying in the park, and he came by to meet us.
 Later we shared spaghetti dinner, salad and pie.
 Our forum mascot, Belle was there wth her own little travel trailer.
 Nan and I recognized this vintage truck and trailer when it came in....we had seen it and met the owner last summer on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They are from Cross Creek, Florida, just a few miles outside of Ocala. World just keeps getting smaller. We got a tour of the trailer....all refurbished original.
On Wednesday we crossed the Great Plains of western Kansas.
 We stopped for a photo and lunch at the Geographic Center of the 48 contiguous states. 

Here's a question for you: If you see a bluebird at the center of the US, is it an Eastern bluebird or a Western bluebird? (Answer....Eastern)
 Here're all 4 rigs at the rest stop. Mine, Tina's, Mitch's, and Nan's.
 Mitch doesn't know how to rest. I caught her mopping her floor on her hands and knees instead of resting.
We stopped for the night here. Haven't seen any Prairie Dogs yet, but there are supposed to be some.
Directions at the self-pay station were very confusing. Apparently we were supposed to fill out two forms, one for camping and one for park entrance, with separate fees. Three of us did that. Here's Mitch getting busted for not paying the entrance part. Anybody want to contribute to her bail fund?
 I took a long hike through the prairie grass.
 Did some birding.
 I think this is a Brown Thrasher, singing his heart out.
 Great Blue Heron flying over.
 Don't know what these next ones are.

Same bird as the last, with the wind in his feathers.
 Big Tom Turkey
 Yellow-shafted Flicker?

 This is a Baltimore Oriole nest in the campground.
 And this is the owner.
On to Colorado to meet up with the last two of our group, Birdie and Carol.


  1. Love the photos. You sure saw a lot of birds there. Looks like you are all having a great time.

  2. Your first unknown bird is a Western Kingbird and the second one is a Eastern Kingbird. Great photos. Love being there with you guys. Awaiting your arrival.

  3. Funny how close the geographic center of the U.S. is to the middle of nowhere.