Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Douglas, WY

May 23, 2012
Left Guernsey State Park in the rain, but the Laramie Mountains were still impressive in the west.
Two of our travelers experienced coach battery problems while dry camping for the first time last night, so we only drove as far as Douglas to get them checked. Nan needed new batteries, and Mitch got hers tested...and was deemed ok. So we had to take a picture of the "Widder Douglas" in Douglas, Wyoming. We camped here in their city park overnight.
This elk is made out of barbed wire. Guess nobody will be tempted to sit on it.
Down by the riverside the goslings are growing fast.
This is the Yellowstone Bridge.
And the reason it was built.
On the other side is a nice paved hiking/biking trail along the Platte River. Abby is running to catch up with Mitch.
Sometimes Abby rode in her stroller, but mostly she enjoyed running alongside.
There are huge Cottonwood trees along the river banks.
Birdie posed in one of them.
Interesting patterns in the bark.
Wild roses growing along the river.
Abby peeks out of the stroller.
Belle was thirsty.
Abby on the run again.
It was very windy in the afternoon and thunderstorms predicted overnight. Supposed to be colder tomorrow and maybe more rain, but not as windy.


  1. Hope everybody gets their battery problems sorted out. Great photos. Looks like a great walk. Abby will get all her little muscles pumped up and she won't need that stroller.

  2. Everyday is so different... love the pictures... I fear with all the walking and running you are all doing you will all come back skinny as rails...

  3. Kathleen, if we can behave on the good eating opportunities...some of us are really hoping to improve (and decrease) our waist size on this trip. :=) Well at east my feet and knees are wishing for that.....

  4. Abby's practising running so when her mom puts that bacon collar on her she has a fighting chance against the bears!! LOL!