Friday, January 6, 2012

The Natchez Trace

January 2
Made it as far as Mississippi and the Natchez Trace. The Trace is one of my favorite routes to travel in the East...always a relaxing drive.
 We stopped to hike a portion of the Old Trace before going to our campground.
Simba, posing by the sign. "Good stay, Simba."
 Hiking along the Old Trace.
 We stayed at Jeff Busby Campground on the Trace, where the temperatures dropped to 23 degrees overnight...brrr!
 Simba and I climbed to the top of Little Mountain to see the view.
 We did not hike on the trail which was longer because it was so cold.
 The view at the top.
 Found out how the campground got its name.
 Both Simba and I had windblown hair.
"The wind blows where it wills, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell from where it comes, and where it goes, so is every one that is born of the Spirit." (John 3:8)
January 4, Beth and Peaches arrive at Jeff Busby.
 After Peaches explained the rules to Simba, they enjoyed hiking and playing together.
January 5   Beth leads the way south on the Trace.
Our first stop was at French Camp where we got out and walked around the old buildings dating from the early 1800s.
 THis pretty bluebird greeted us.
 And so did this cardinal.
Beth and Peaches at French Camp
 Back on the Trace we passed these seen through dog slobber on the window.
 This was a pretty our next stop was a hiking trail down to it.
 Beth taking a picture of....
 A Great Egret
 Simba loved running in circles in the grass. She's looking for Peaches.
 WE shared a campsite at Rocky Springs
January 6
While at Rocky Springs we hiked part of the Old Trace route to what was once the town of Rocky Springs.
 The town once had a population of over 2000 people.
 Today it is a ghost town.

 Severe erosion is due to poor land management.
 The church is the only building that remains.
 And the only inhabitants that remain lie here.
 An old safe and cistern at the site of the post office.
 Peaches taught Simba that water can be a lot of fun!
We followed the Trace to Natchez, MS where we crossed the Mississippi to continue the journey south to Texas.


  1. Great blog post Liz. It doesn't look cold until we see how bundled up everyone is. Hurry up and get to Texas--we are hanging on to the mid 70 degree weather as hard as we can but I think it is going to slip to the 60s next week so hurry, hurry.

  2. How I've enjoyed hiking with you and Simba. A great new companion.

  3. Lizzie, I so enjoyed that...but I had to bundle up as I followed you two oops mean 4..hahaha...head south for warmth..LOL can ya send some to Florida :) God Bless Zeee and Critters 3

  4. So looking forward to visiting this area. Maybe next fall!