Sunday, January 29, 2012

Having Fun in Blanco, TX

Simba here. Mom and I are having fun...most of the time. She took me for a hike along the Guadalupe River. That was fun.
And then she gave me a bath...not so fun.
Our friend Birdie came back from NM and played with me...that was fun. She was all excited because she bought a brand new RV!
I had to stay in my RV while Mom and Vicki helped Birdie move her stuff to the new RV. That was not fun....Birdie has a lot of "stuff."
Strong thunderstorms came through the campground that night and that was not fun. But the sun came out in the morning, bright and fair. 
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." (Psalm 30:5)
And Birdie drove in in her new rig. She let me inside...that was fun. 
After Birdie got some of her stuff put away, she said it was time for fun...yay! We went to the state park first.
The Blanco River flows through the park.
There are some funny looking animals at Blanco State these shedding sheep.
And this llama:
With a serious dental problem.
Mom was trying out her new camera and I was not allowed to chase, or even bark at, any of the critters.
Pie-billed grebe
Great Blue Heron
Another view of the Blanco River. You know Blanco means white in Spanish, don't you? Looks green to me.
Mom told me that a Spanish expedition in 1721 named the river Blanco for the white limestone along the banks and in the streambed.
Next we walked around the old town of Blanco. The old Blanco Courthouse is now a visitor center and office building.
 Blanco was settled in 1853 by pioneer stockmen, former Texas Rangers, immigrants and their families. 
Birdie and me looking in the shop windows.
Birdie says this is the pelt of an Axis Deer, an exotic species introduced in the area that compete with the native white-tailed deer that I've seen in the campground. Haven't seen one of these yet.
They wear big hats around here.
I enjoyed the walk we took through the city park.
A Texas bench
I had to stand very still while Mom was trying to take pictures of the birds. I cooperated better than this yellow finch did.  
Some more buildings around the Courthouse Square.
This little building houses the Municipal Court. 
Birdie reads the court docket, where your name, your crime and court date are listed. Sure glad my name's not on it.
A lot of artists sell their arts and crafts here. 
 Maybe Colleen would like this longdog.
I wonder if Karen has enough flamingos? 
This sign is over the bank building. 
It's a good thing Birdie was driving. I don't think Mom would have even noticed this stop sign in the middle of the street. 
Today we're leaving Potter's Creek campground and Canyon Lake and heading off on a new adventure. Stay tuned for the next episode.


  1. Lizzie..awesome..and love Birdie's new rig too..glad to see Simba is haning on and still apart of you. Wish I was along too...who knows maybe one of these days after I down size I'll be on the highway lookin' for adventures..LOL God Bless and See it All..!...Zeee and Critters 3

  2. Great post Simba. Sorry I didn't get back there with Harley so the two of you could play. Harley is the real playful one. Looks like you enjoyed the Blanco area. It is a small park but nice and so convenient to walk into town. Have a great adventure down the road and don't be a stranger.