Monday, January 16, 2012

Canyon Lake, TX

I saw this sign with the profile of a Roadrunner coming into Canyon Lake, and was excited to see a real Roadrunner as I came into the campground. It ran across the road in front of me, just like they're supposed to....but my camera was not handy. Haven't seen him since.
My view of Canyon Lake the day I arrived at Potter's Creek campground.
Simba is getting to know my friend, Birdie.
Egyptian Ducks, an exotic breed that is growing in population in the campground. So, watch where you step.
A 10-point buck, just hanging out in the campground. I guess he knows he has it made here.
Look at all the does...

 A new bird for me, the American Kestrel. Kinda blurry.
Simba and I explored this dry wash on one of our hikes around the campground.
Evidence that Texas has been in a severe drought.
"My God, early will I seek thee; my soul thirsts for a dry and thirsty land..." (Psalm 63:1)
Fossils in the rocks

Even though there is a large population of deer here, I still enjoy seeing them. 
Bedding down 
We followed a deer path to the top of a wooded knoll that overlooks the campground and lake.
In the little town of Sattler to do laundry and spotted this historical marker across the street. 
After doing laundry, RV wash and groceries, Simba and I were ready to do some exploring. We stopped at Canyon Lake Dam.
This is Canyon Lake Gorge. It was created in 2002 when floodwaters escaped over the spillway.
The Gorge is open to visitors for guided tours, but due to their popularity, you must pre-register. It is a three hour hike into the gorge. You can see a group of hikers being briefed in this photo.
THis map shows the various Corps of Engineers campgrounds around the lake. Potter's Creek is at the top of the map where it just says "Park."
Canyon Dam was built on the Guadalupe River in the early 1960s, creating the lake and flooding the communities of Hancock and Cranes Mill. There's a trail along the river below the dam that I will hike another day.
Park benches invite you to sit and enjoy the view.
Or watch the sailing regatta. 
You can also walk down and stroll along the shoreline.
Simba and I walked across the top of the dam and back. 
I think this is a Ring-billed Gull, but there are so many kinds of gulls...
A view of the Guadalupe River.
We can see the whole dam town from up here.
Another day, back at the campground, Simba and I walked along the lakeshore.
WE are actually walking on what was once the lake bottom before the drought.
We found some more fossilized remains.

Simba sees the water....or is it that Great Blue Heron?
Nope, it's the water.
Beth and Peaches, you have created a monster!
The GBH was not amused. He flew away.
Of course, Bandit has to have his (shorter) daily walks too. Here he was delighted to find a crooked tree that he could actually climb with his bare toes.
Nothing like a sunset over water to end your days...

There's more to see and do around Canyon Lake, but if I get to see and do them this trip, it'll be in another blog post. Birdie and I will be heading out sometime next week to explore some other parts of Texas.


  1. Wow, you have already seen more out there than I have. Birdie and I drove over by the dam but we didn't get to walk it. You will need to take a drive on river road too. It goes from near out by Sattler to New Braunfels and is very picturesque. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. Lizzie, glad to see you posting again...Women you is definitely in the Explorer Mode...betcha in your past life you was one of those traveling in a Waggin'...LOL God Bless Go forth and have a blast...Zeee and Critters 3