Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day in Mexico

Four amigos traveled to Mexico together on Valentines Day. We drove south from Corpus Christie. 
First stop in South Texas was this bakery that Beth knew about.
 You load up your tray with interesting goodies and the saleslady bags them for you. The yellow tray holds my purchases. Feel that sugar high coming on...
Passed some fields of cabbages and some of cane.
 The plan is to park in the parking area and walk across the bridge to Mexico.
 Parking on the right, border crossing ahead.
Be sure to bring 2 quarters with each for coming and going.
 It's nice to know they like us here.
 The International Bridge
 A view of the "wall" that divides us...always makes me think of the Berlin Wall.
The natural border...the Rio Grande River
Here we are, left to right: Birdie, Connie, Beth, and me.
Below the bridge on the Mexican side, this statue.
 And through the bridge, these hats in hands.
 Over the bridge we enter the town of Nuevo Progresso.
We came, as most Americans do, primarily to buy prescription meds cheaply. Every other store is a pharmacy, optician, or dentist office. They have vet pharmacies too. And the streets are lined with vendors. 
Colorful wares
Pinatas anyone?
 Cowboy hats and boots are popular too. I liked this display in Mr. Boots store. 
Heather told me it might be better to buy my meds in Canada instead of Mexico, so I did.
 For Valentines you can buy your sweetheart flowers, balloons, or strings of garlic.
Found my first international Geocache along this street. That was cool.
We ate lunch at the Old Town Cafe
Where the Salsa was hot,
the fish tacos were great,
and the band was fun.

After lunch, Beth tried on hats. She looks good in hats.
This truck driver was grinning as I took a picture of his license plate. 
I hope you brought your passport, you'll need it to return to the US. Don't get too excited about the gas prices...there were no pumps to go with this sign. 
So that's my tale, and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Great post Liz. Lots of nice pictures. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. How did you find the International geocache?

  2. Lizzie, Thanks for taking me across the border..ooops I didn't bring my I guess I'm staying LOL..well Italian and Spanish..I should be ok...Loved the pictures God't like fish tacos ..hahaha.