Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting our ducks in a row at Estero Llano Grande State Park

Birdie and I got some ducks in a row when we visited Estero Llano Grande State Park in south Texas today.
What a great park! So glad I got my Texas State Park Pass.
So, you want to go birding with us? You can get in free on my pass.
We'll start with some of the ducks that hang out by the Visitor's Center. They have spotting scopes set up and rangers and volunteers help you find and identify the birdlife. This is a Ring-necked Duck....ought to be called a Ring-billed duck, I think.
 A pair of Northern Shovelers...Snowbirds that came south for the winter.
 A Blue-winged Teal
Green-winged Teal
 THe gorgeous male Wood Duck
 Male Canvasback again
Northern Pintail showing off his signature feature. 
And then there were some herons. This is a Black-crowned Night Heron
 And a new one for me, the Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Green Heron
The Red-tailed Hawk wanted to show off his best side too.
These last two are my favorites: The Eastern Screech Owl,
And the (not so) Common Pauraque. Can you see it?
 I wouldn't have either, if Birdie hadn't pointed it out to me.
 Shh, he's resting.
And there were others I didn't photograph. Why so many different birds? Here's why:
 I started to read about the history of the area, but got distracted by the birds. This is as far as I got.
I did find the answer to a question I had about all the tall concrete pillars I've been seeing in the fields:
 Irrigation Standpipe
So the ducks are all lined up....sort of.
Time to rest.


  1. Liz, I'm just getting familiar with the blogging. I did enter this twice, sorry about that. All of your pictures are beautiful.I'm seeing things I have never seen before and it's great.How is Simba doing? I see he loves water and he's still a very pretty pooch. I know he's having lots of fun because he loves being outdoors.Please continue taking pictures of Simba.

    1. Robin,
      Other than trying to help Simba get over a challenging case of separation anxiety (He barks when I leave him), Simba is doing great in all other areas. He loves to hike and play fetch, and is very social with other people and their dogs. I have had lots of good advice and help on the separation anxiety issue, and things are improving there too.

      I'm glad that you are following his journeys. There will be lots of pictures of him as the adventure continues....all the way to Alaska and back this summer. This birding tour was one of the times he didn't get to go, but he was a good boy, and glad to see me when we got back.

  2. Interesting that all four zones connect here. Who would have guessed that there are so many different kind of ducks.