Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lake Corpus Christie

Birdie and I spent a relaxing week at Lake Corpus Christie State Park. These are our sites.
It was good to finally meet and get-together with forum friends that are also here. This is Mary Lynn and her colorful feathered companions.
 Jasper and Hank are beautiful Green-winged Macaws.
This is Bob and Skunk. You'll have to guess which is which. Not sure who's the boss.
 But they do resemble, er, look like they belong to each other.
 The lake itself is low, so we never did get the kayak in.
Well it doesn't say "No Hunting"....
"What? This is not a fish!"
There were lots of places to walk. These cabins have a nice view of the lake.
 The pavilion and tower was built by the CCC. 
 View from the tower.
 Double archways
 Bet they had some fun times in here at one time.
We walked the Birding Trail
 But other than this mockingbird, not much birdlife.
 Birdie put out some food to attract them.
 It did a great job attracting the ants! They carried it off.
We also walked the birding trail down by the dam.
 Where we found a nice Geocache, but not many birds here either.
 Having more luck Geocaching than birding, we did a tour of the area finding more Geocaches. This old cemetery is named for the founder of the town of Mathis.
 Many of the grave markers are hand-carved.
 Interesting sign we came across.
 Our tour took us to the Veterans Park
 Named for one of the Veterans.
Here are a few of the birds we did see: Loggerhead Shrike
 Greater Yellowlegs
 Western Meadowlarks
I almost stepped on this Texas Banded Water snake while walking Bandit. Was glad to learn its identity and that it is not poisonous.
We may not have kayaked, but Simba sure enjoyed the water.

 A friend on Facebook asked me how many times I had to throw him to get him to "skip" across water like that. Haha
 All wet
And we enjoyed a few pretty sunsets too.

We're now heading south to the Rio Grande Valley to do some birding, and maybe some kayaking. We'll meet up with Bob and Mary Lynn again in March at the TX Get-together.


  1. Loved this post but wished you would have gotten a little more sun during your visit there. Traveling with big birds is unusual. Love the dog with Bob--Skunk is such a descriptive name for his coloring. Simba looks so much smaller with wet fur.

  2. Lizzie...that is amazing.. I have to hear more about traveling with those MaCaws...OMG..I could only imagine when they start making their loud noises...turn up that radio..hahaha..again amazing pictures I'm so darn jealous I wish I could be driving along..God Bless keep em coming..Zeee and Critters 3

    1. Liz all your pictures are beautiful.I'm seeing things I have never seen before and it's great.How is Simba doing? I see he loves water and he's still a very pretty pooch. I know he's having lots of fun because he loves being outdoors.Please continue taking pictures of Simba.