Sunday, October 14, 2012

Florida Fall Flowers

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Fall in McIntosh, FL looks a lot like spring....all abloom. I got up early to catch the beautiful sunrise and to take a walk around town while it was cool.
Residents are busy getting their yards spruced up for the annual Fall Festival in a couple of weeks.
Angels Trumpet
Circa 1890s home, now a Bed and Breakfast
Gorgeous weather, although the afternoons are still a bit warm.
Golden Rain Tree
A shady grove of Live Oak trees
Morning Glories growing wild
Eastern Phoebe
Black vulture
Not sure what kind of flowers these are.
It's hard to show all the variety of colorful blooms in this yard.
Same yard
Cloudless Sulphur butterflies (I think) were loving all the blooms.

Bright showy yellow flowers in this yard.
Anyone know what they are?
This kitty never moved from his repose as I walked by. He just opened his eyes a slit to let me know he was aware that I was there.
Hoping to check out some local parks and hiking trails soon.


  1. Oh my I am so impressed with these pictures..welcome back Lizzie..sure missed these gorgeous flowers..and to think I'll be seeing them real soon..and you too..!

    God Bless
    Zeee and Critters 3

  2. It looks lovely there. Glad you are enjoying your winter home.

  3. After seeing your photos of McIntosh the last year or two, I have it on my list to visit if I make it to Florida next year! Looks like a very nice place

  4. Hi Liz. Hope your fall is spectacular. Our leaves are done thanks to rain and high winds. But I did manage to get out a few times to hike the local parks & take pictures. I'm thinking about my next trip. Perhaps summer 2013 to the northeast, Maine & lower Canada. We'll see. Take care.

    Marcia B.